Domestic ATM service fee

Transaction type Transaction fee
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation ATMs Anytime 0 yen
ATMs at Domestic Affiliated Financial Institutions From 110 yen (including tax) to 330 yen (including tax), depending on the time period
  • *Fund transfer fees will be charged separately.
  • *See here for the locations and available hours of Domestic ATMs.

Regarding ATM Service fees at Domestic Affiliated Financial Institutions

  • New customers: Customers who have opened new accounts can use ATMs for free (or fee will be reimbursed)* up to 20 times per month until the end of the third month including the account opening month.
  • Customers with a Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance for the month before the previous month equivalent to 1 million yen or more: These customers can use ATMs up to 100 times per month for free (or fee will be reimbursed)*.
  • *At Seven Bank and Japan Postal Bank ATMs, the fee becomes free. At other affiliated domestic ATMs, including "E-net" ATMs run or connected by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, the fee will be reimbursed. In the case of reimbursement, a balance of 5,000 yen or more is required in the Yen Savings account from which the withdrawal will be made.

Overseas ATM service fee / Shopping in Japan・Overseas

Transaction type Transaction fee Owner Charge Repayment
GLOBAL PASS Free Nonexistence
GLOBAL PASS(PRESTIA Gold・PRESTIA Gold Premium) Free Existence *
  • *Seventeen applicable currencies will be debited immediately from your PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings account using the GLOBAL PASS card abroad.
  • *For shopping or withdrawal in currencies other than the 17 applicable currencies or customers who do not have accounts in the 17 applicable currencies or when using GAIKA FULL BACK, the full amount used will be converted into Japanese yen at a rate obtained by adding the predefined commission fee (3%) to the exchange rate determined by Visa, and will, in principle, be debited immediately from your Yen Savings account.
  • *The owners of ATMs may charge an additional fee.(Such fees will be reimbursed for PRESTIA Gold customers and PRESTIA Gold Premium customers using GLOBAL PASS.)*)
  • *To receive reimbursement, if the transaction was made from Yen Savings Account, the balance over 5,000 yen is necessary in the same account.
    If the transaction was made from MultiMoney Foreign Savings Account, the balance equivalent to 5,000 yen or more as in the executed currency is necessary in the same account. The conversion to yen will be calculated with the TTB rate as of the reimburse date.

About Service Fee

  • Fees featured here are applicable for the products and services at SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA.
  • Non-resident account holders are not charged consumption tax (excluding some transactions).
  • Fees are subject to change without notice. For fees not shown, please inquire at a branch, etc.
  • The phrase "Account holders" refers solely to customers who have SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA accounts.
  • Products and services featured here may not be purchasable or able to be provided to customers for various reasons determined by SMBC Trust Bank.

About PRESTIA GOLD status

  • PRESTIA GOLD is a special service available to selected customers who maintain a Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance equivalent to 10 million yen or more and have asset management needs for products such as foreign currency denominated products.
  • In cases where SMBC Trust Bank judges that there has been abusive or unreasonable use of services, SMBC Trust Bank reserves the right to rescind PRESTIA GOLD status in accordance with reasonable standards for fair use of services.

SMBC Trust Bank Service Fee List