We offer private banking services to provide tailormade solutions to diversified needs of high net worth and other individual customers, using our trust and other functions.
Since its establishment, Private Banking has been offering trust-based total solutions for asset and business succession and real estate services covering multiple generations including customers’ family members, as well as tailor-made investment products.
Our private bankers are committed to putting customers first and providing the best financial products for them by customizing financial services in cooperation with our dedicated fund-management team to meet the needs of customers.

Key Features of Our Private Banking

  1. Building a sustaining relationship of trust
    Your dedicated private banker acts as the concierge of your precious assets.
  2. Support for the investments, administration, and protection of your precious assets through trust functions
    We offer trust solutions in accordance with the stages of your life cycle.
  3. Providing speedy and comprehensive solutions through collaboration between other SMBC Group companies
    SMBC Trust conducts its business activities by capitalizing on the network and creditworthiness of the SMBC Group, which is one of the leading financial groups in Japan.

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