Bank Statement

SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA compiles the balances for all accounts and transaction details* in a bank statement which can be viewed via online banking.
These statements should be held in safekeeping as bank statements and designated certificates of deposit balances are the only proof (such as in the form of certificates and letters) of balances. (A fee is incurred when bank statements are reissued or certificates of deposit balances are issued.)

  • *Except for mutual funds. Details for mutual funds can be confirmed on "Torihikizandaka-hokokusho." Please note that these are only issued in Japanese.

SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA contacts

Customers may contact SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA employees by calling PRESTIA Phone Banking or the telephone number of a specific branch. SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA employees do not give customers their mobile phone numbers.

Visits to homes or workplaces

In the event that an SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA employee visits a customer's home or workplace, the employee may not receive cash, checks or cards. A supervisor may contact the customer to verify the visit details and transaction details. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

About Dormant Accounts

SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA may treat an account which has had no deposit or withdrawal, etc. made for ten or more years as a "Dormant Account." In the event that an account becomes a Dormant Account, SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA may impose restrictions on the use of any accounts. For details, please contact our branches or via PRESTIA Phone Banking.

Our wealth management services for customers in the senior generation

To ensure that our staff accurately understands the needs of our customers, and that our customers receive sufficient explanations of our financial products and the associated risks, SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA has introduced the following procedures for customers aged 75 and over who are performing investment transactions.

  • Correctly understanding customer needs
    To ensure that we correctly understand customer's needs and provide them with appropriate services, our staff and a senior manager will speak to the customer about his or her investment goals and experience with investing. This will be used as a basis to provide the customer with explanations that are in line with the customer's financial situation whenever the customer performs investment transactions at SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA's branches or over the telephone. Family members are welcome to accompany customers when they make inquiries.
  • Profiling
    All customers who consider investing are asked to undergo profiling (a procedure in which they will be asked various questions about asset management). During profiling, our staff and a senior manager will speak with the customer.
  • Advice that matches customer profiling results
    If the customer is considering making a transaction for a product that exceeds his or her acceptable level of risk, our staff will recommend a more appropriate product and take other measures to ensure that an appropriate transaction is made.