Support Customer's Optimal Real Estate Strategy

Customer’s Needs Brokerage Business Consulting Business Trust Business Asset Management Business Appraisal Business

Brokerage Business

We provide comprehensive support to meet the needs of corporate customers and high net worth individual customers for large real estate deals.

Trade Agreement Buyer intermediate SMBC TRUST BANK intermediate Seller


To customers owning property, SMBC Trust provides not only research and analysis services from the perspective of enhancing corporate value but also responds to a wide range of other consulting needs in consideration of customers' financial strategies.

Trust Business

We provide trust services to customers who own real estate assets.

Customer(Settlor and Beneficiary) Trust Agreement Income distribution Financial Report SMBC TRUST BANK Outsource admin. & ops. Vendors Property Manager/Building Manager Purpose of Trust  Manage the customer's real estate Dispose of the real estate after the trust period

Asset related informations are available on the "WEB KAIJI SERVICE" cloud platform we provide. This service is exclusively for registered users and only available in Japanese.

Real Estate Asset Management (AM)

We provide services to the customers wishing to invest in real estate. Our services cover investment decisions and advisory services at all steps, including acquisition, management during the holding period, and exit.

Customer Property Sale Property Owner SPC(TMK) AM Contract Decisions/Instructions SMBC TRUST BANK Investors Dividend investment Customer's needs Fund raising Improvement of financials Opening a new office Effective use of property Removal from the balance sheet... etc.

Real Estate Appraisal

Our specialized real estate appraisers give highquality appraisals.