Welcome to SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA

We provide 3 channels for opening an account as your need.

Via Internet

Opening an account via internet is convenient and good value.
Application of an opening account can be completed online.

We have special offers when you open an account through the Internet.

Offer 1ATMs fees at the other domestic affiliated financial institutions: ¥0

Deposits and withdrawals at Seven Bank ATMs and Japan Post Bank ATMs, and withdrawals at other domestic affiliated financial institutions ATMs can be used free of charge (or fee will be refunded) for 100 times per month.

Offer 2Domestic fund transfers in yen by PRESTIA Online and PRESTIA Mobile fees: 37% OFF

Fees for Domestic fund transfers to other banks by PRESTIA Online and PRESTIA Mobile is ¥150 (excluding tax) per a transfer.
The above offers are applicable until the month end of the 6th month including the account opening month*.

  • * The account opening month is the month to which the account opening date belongs. In the case such as when you apply at the end of the month, the account opening month may be the next month. For the opening date of your account, please inquire after your account is opened.

At a Branch

You can get to know your account number on the day.

  • * A cash card will be sent by simplified registered mail (transfer prohibited), approximately in about 5 business days from the date of account opening.

By Phone

You can open an account while consulting with our staff by telephone, and can proceed by mail only.




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