Foreign currency cash handling fee

Transaction type Transaction fee
Account holders PRESTIA GOLD customers Non account holders
Deposit into account of same currency denomination ¥2 per US dollar
¥3 per Euro
Free up to US$5,000 or €5,000 (per day)*1 -
Withdrawal from account of same currency denomination -
Payment for funds in same currency denomination ¥3 per US dollar
¥4 per Euro
  • *This service charge is required for the handling of cash in foreign currencies. The service charge is waived, however, when customers make "Foreign Currency Time Deposit", "Step Up Time Deposit" (in the same currency with a term of six months or longer), or purchase mutual funds, intermediate securities products, or insurance products handled by SMBC Trust Bank.
  • *1Cash handling fee will be charged ¥2 / 1 US dollar or ¥3 / 1Euro in the case of cash transaction exceeding US$5,000 or €5,000 per day.
  • When exchanging between currencies, the exchange rate of the transaction day, including a foreign exchange fee, will be used in addition to the above fees. However, transactions exceeding a certain amount may not be subject to the exchange rate displayed at bank branches.

Foreignexchange handling fee ("lifting fee")

Transaction type Transaction fee
Account holders Non account holders
Individual Free ¥2,500 / transfer
Corporate ¥2,500 / transfer*2
  • *This fee is applied to overseas electronic fund transfers made in a foreign currency or yen, domestic remittances in foreign currency (to SMBC Trust Bank or other banks), cross border yen transfers, the issue of foreign currency remittance checks, and to cashing of foreign currency-denominated Traveler's Checks paid in the currency in which the check is denominated.
  • *2A fee of 0.05% of the remittance amount (minimum 2,500 yen) is applied for US dollar remittances and cross border yen transfers to other domestic banks.

Foreign exchange fee (per currency unit, one way)

Transaction type Transaction fee
HKD, ZAR, CNY ¥0.4
THB ¥0.08
  • *This is applied to transactions with currency conversion between yen and foreign currencies.
  • *In the case of ZAR, CNY, TRY, MXN, etc., SMBC Trust Bank may restrict the conditions of the transaction including the timing of deposits, withdrawals, etc. During Market contingency etc. which SMBC Trust Bank regards it as necessary, we might suspend transactions in foreign currencies without prior notice.
  • *SMBC Trust Bank handles Chinese Yuan offshore only and uses 'CNY' to denote RMB(Renminbi) funded in the offshore market, based on the currency code used on the global settlement system, while onshore RMB circulates on Mainland China.

About Service Fee

  • Fees featured here are applicable for the products and services at SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA.
  • Non-resident account holders are not charged consumption tax (excluding some transactions).
  • Fees are subject to change without notice. For fees not shown, please inquire at a branch, etc.
  • The phrase "Account holders" refers solely to customers who have SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA accounts.
  • Products and services featured here may not be purchasable or able to be provided to customers for various reasons determined by SMBC Trust Bank.

About PRESTIA GOLD status

  • PRESTIA GOLD is a special service available to selected customers who maintain a Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance equivalent to 10 million yen or more and have asset management needs for products such as foreign currency denominated products.
  • In cases where SMBC Trust Bank judges that there has been abusive or unreasonable use of services, SMBC Trust Bank reserves the right to rescind PRESTIA GOLD status in accordance with reasonable standards for fair use of services.

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