Overseas Remittance History

STEP 1Overseas Remittance History List

Please press "Details" from Overseas Remittance History List.

STEP 2Overseas Remittance History Details

You can print the Overseas Remittance History Details from PRESTIA Online.


  • You can view the history of Overseas Remittances that have been made since March 2021. History is available for approximately 6 years from the date reflected on this page or the most recent 300 transactions.
  • Overseas Remittance history will be reflected on this screen in the early morning (Japan Standard Time) of the next business day after Remittance execution process by our bank is completed. The completion date of the remittance execution process is different from the remittance acceptance date.
  • If you would like to confirm Reference Number after the remittance is complete (e.g. for tracing the remittance to ensure the receipt of the remittance), please contact PRESTIA Phone Banking. It takes a few days to provide the Reference Number.
    0120-110-330(toll-free), From Overseas : 81-46-401-2100(toll charges apply)