Change Password

STEP 1Input Registration Details

  • 1.Please input your Current Password.
  • 2.Please input the New Password you want to register twice.
  • *Your Password must be a combination of 6-20 single-byte alphanumeric characters. (The Password must include both alphabets and numbers.)
  • *Your Password cannot include symbols.
  • *Please note that neither 3 or more letters in alphabetical order nor 3 or more numbers in numerical order may be used. Also, the same letter or number may not be repeated 3 or more times in succession. (Example: 333, 123, abc, aaa)
  • *Your Password must be different from your User ID.
  • *The new Password must be different from the password used in the past 6 times.
  • 3.Please check the checkbox after reviewing the registration details, and then press “Submit.”

STEP 2Confirm Your Request

The time your request was received will be displayed, and the Password change is completed.

If you want to go back to top menu, please press “Manage Information and Services.”
To print, please press “Print.”