PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit Borrowing

STEP 1Purpose of PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit Borrowing

Please check the checkbox after agreeing to the notices, and then press “Next.”

STEP 2Input Transaction Details

  • 1.After confirming the Available Credit Line, please select the borrowing currency.
  • *Borrowed money is credited to your PRESTIA MultiMoney Savings Deposit in the same currency you borrow.
  • 2.Please input the Loan Amount.
  • *Borrowing amount via online banking should be equal to or more than 1,000 yen (Yen equivalent) and equal to or less than 1 million yen (Yen equivalent) per transaction and you can borrow up to three times a day.
  • *Even if the above requirement is met, the limit shall be either 80% of collateral deposit balance or the control line amount determined by SMBC Trust Bank, whichever is smaller.
  • 3.Please press “Next.”

STEP 3Review Transaction Details

  • 1.Please confirm transaction details and check the checkbox after agreeing to the notices.
  • 2.Please press “Submit.”

STEP 4Confirm Your Completed Transaction

The transaction is completed.


Service hours 0:00-24:00
  • *Excluding maintenance hours
Customers not eligible for this service
  • Corporate customers
  • Non-resident customers
  • Customers under the age of 18
  • Customers who have not applied for PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit contract (Contracts may be submitted at branches or by mail)
  • Customers who have not applied for PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Deposit (It will take a few business days to conclude the application)
  • Customers who have not registered their occupation