Application for PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Deposit

STEP 1Apply for an Account

Please read the important notices, and then press “Apply.”

STEP 2Confirm Important Notices / Questionnaires

  • 1.Please read the “Terms and Conditions for Electronic Delivery of Documents Relating to Liability Products” and check the checkbox after agreeing to the terms of electronic delivery.
  • 2.Please read the “PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Deposit Information Memorandum and Pre-Contract Document” and check the checkbox after understanding the product details, risks, fees and other important notices.
  • 3.Please answer the “Questionnaire regarding the Foreign Currency Savings Deposit” and then press “Next.”

STEP 3Review Transaction Details

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Please check the checkbox after agreeing to the notices, and then press “Apply.”

STEP 4Confirm Your Submitted Application

The application is submitted.


Service hours 0:00-24:00
  • *Excluding maintenance hours
Customers not eligible for this service Customers who have not registered their occupation
Transactions that require a PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Saving Deposit contract to be concluded
  • Overseas remittance
  • Buy Foreign Currency
  • Foreign Currency Deposit Service
  • Cross Currency
  • Create Order Watch
  • Foreign Currency Time Deposits
  • Premium Deposit
  • Personal Profiling
  • PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit Borrowing
  • PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit Repayment
  • *Applications for "PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Deposit" via online banking will take a few business days to conclude the contract. Please note that foreign currency deposits (including receiving the funds in foreign currency by fund transfer) can be made once the process is complete.