Forgot User ID

If you are using SMBC Trust Bank App, please access "Sign On" screen on PRESTIA Mobile and press "Forgot User ID".

STEP 1Select Branch

Please copy your Katakana Branch Name and paste in the box, and press "Search."

STEP 2Input Registration Details

  • 1.Please input your Yen Savings Account Number.
  • *Please enter the 7 digits Yen Savings Account Number.
  • 2.Please input your Telephone Personal ID Number (T-PIN).
  • 3.Please input your Birth Date, and then press "View User ID."
  • *Corporate customers should input the date of foundation of the company instead of the Date of Birth.
  • *If you input an incorrect T-PIN or Date of Birth more than the prescribed number of times, your T-PIN and User ID will be blocked and you will no longer be able to proceed with the procedure. Please contact the PRESTIA Online Helpdesk to unlock your User ID/T-PIN.

STEP 3Confirm Registration Details

Your User ID, branch name and Yen Savings account number will be displayed.