eForm - Change Phone Number

STEP 1Input One Time Password

  • 1.Please press the lime green button at the bottom right of your token to display a One Time Password (OTP).
  • *OTP is displayed for approximately 40 seconds.
  • *If the OTP has vanished from your token, please press the lime green button again to issue a new OTP. (Once the OTP has vanished from your token, it will not be authenticated.)
  • *If your token becomes broken or its battery runs down, please apply for Replacement Token from "OTP(Replace Token)" menu via online banking.
    After the above procedure, you will no longer be able to use your current token.
  • 2.Once the OTP is displayed on your token, please input the 6-digit number into the OTP entry field and then press “Submit.”
  • *If you input an incorrect OTP more than the prescribed number of times, the sign off screen will appear and you will no longer be able to sign on to online banking. If this occurs, please contact PRESTIA Online Helpdesk.
  • *If you get an error message even though you are inputting a correct OTP as displayed on your token, this may be because the internal clock of the token is not synchronized. If this is the case, the token must be reset and the time corrected, so please contact PRESTIA Online Helpdesk.
  • *Tokens with the former bank name may also be used.

STEP 2Check Currently Registered Information

Please check phone numbers currently registered and press the “Change Phone Number” button if you wish to make any changes.

STEP 3Input Details

The actual screen shows the currently registered phone number in each box.
Please overwrite the registered phone number(s) you wish to change.

  • *Please input phone numbers in 10-11 digit single-byte numbers.

STEP 4Review Input Details

Please review your input. Please check the checkbox indicating consent to the notes, and then press “Register.”

STEP 5Confirm Registered Information

Phone number registration is completed.

  • *If an OTP has been used on online banking, it remains valid until signing off from online banking, with the exception of the first time (including times when the token is reissued).