Register Your Occupation / Purpose of Transaction

STEP 1Input Occupation / Purpose of Transaction

  • 1.Please select the Purpose of Transaction.

If you select “Others,” please enter the details in the input field.

  • *Please enter within 10 double-byte characters.
  • 2.Please select the Occupation.

If you have multiple purposes of transaction and/or occupations:

Please press “Multiple answers allowed (Optional).”

Please select the Purpose of Transaction and Occupation in the optional fields.

  • *You can register up to 3 purposes of transaction and occupations.
  • *You cannot select the same purpose / occupation as that selected in the mandatory fields.

STEP 2Review Registration Details

Please confirm the details, and then press “Submit.”

STEP 3Confirm Your Submitted Request

The registration is completed.


Service hours 0:00-24:00
  • *Excluding maintenance hours
Customers not eligible for this service Corporate customers (For inquiries regarding registration, please contact our branches or PRESTIA Phone Banking)
  • *Please note that if you do not register your occupation and purpose of transaction, it will not be possible to use certain functions and transactions.