Sell Foreign Currency

STEP 1Input Transaction Details

  • 1.Please press "Select Source Account" and select an account.
  • *You can select either PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Deposit or U.S. Dollar Savings.
  • 2.Please press "Select Deposit Account" and select an account.
  • *You can select either Yen Savings or PRESTIA MultiMoney Yen Savings Deposit.
  • 3.Please select the Currency and input the Amount.
  • *The transaction amount available at online banking is from 1,000 yen equivalent to 50 million yen equivalent.
  • *Please input the amount using single-byte numbers.
  • *Please do not include symbols such as commas and the yen symbol (¥).
  • 4.Please press "Next."

STEP 2Review Transaction Details

  • 1.The transaction details will be displayed.
  • *When there is a discount in the commission, "Discount for foreign exchange commission will be applied to this transaction." will be displayed.

When the Market Rate is applied:

  • The exchange rate based on the prevailing market rate, which includes foreign exchange commissions (hereinafter referred to as "Market Rate"), is applied in principle for transactions at online banking.
  • The displayed foreign exchange rate is valid for 60 seconds.
  • If you exceed the time limit, please press the "Update Exchange Rate" button.

When the Counter Rate is applied:

  • On weekends and holidays or when the Market Rates are not available, publicly-announced rate, including foreign exchange commissions (hereinafter referred to as "Counter Rate") will be applied.
  • Counter Rate, including foreign exchange commission to Counter Rate (TTM), is applied to all transactions in CNY, SEK, DKK or MXN, and transactions in those currencies are not available on weekday nights and Japanese holidays.
  • 2.Please confirm the transaction details and check the checkbox after agreeing to the notices.
  • 3.Please press "Submit."

STEP 3Confirm Your Completed Transaction

The transaction is completed.


Service hours 0:00-24:00
  • *Excluding maintenance hours
  • *Please press here for details regarding CNY, SEK, DKK and MXN.
Chinese Yuan offshore SMBC Trust Bank handles Chinese Yuan offshore only and uses `CNY' to denote RMB (Renminbi) funded in the offshore market, based on the currency code used on the global settlement system, while onshore RMB circulates on Mainland China.