Register / Update E-mail Settings (PRESTIA Alert Service / PRESTIA Insight)

STEP 1Input Registration Details

  • 1.Please input the registration details.
  • 2.Please check the checkbox after reading and fully understanding the cautionary notices, and then press "Submit."

STEP 2Confirm Your Request

The details of the registration or change will be displayed, and the registration or change will be complete.


Cautions about E-mail address
  • E-mail Addresses up to 60 characters in length (including the "@" mark) can be registered.
  • Characters that can be used in E-mail Addresses are single-byte alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9) and the following symbols: ".", "@", "_", "-".
  • A "." (period) cannot appear in your E-mail Address consecutively or immediately before the "@" mark.
  • If you use restrictions to block the receipt of E-mails from certain domains, etc., please make sure E-mails can be received from "".
  • You may register an E-mail Address linked to a mobile telephone, but please be aware that there may be circumstances under which E-mails cannot be delivered or under which the E-mail display is incomplete. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • To change the E-mail Address you have given for receiving information about products, services and campaigns and important notices please change it by selecting "E-mail Registration / Maintenance" > "Register / Update (Service and Campaign)".
  • GLOBAL PASS related mails can be managed from GLOBAL PASS Member's Website.
  • SMBC Trust Bank may alter the content of the service or cancel the service at any time without notice.
Cautions about PRESTIA Alert Service
  • "Card Usage" indicates using a Cash Card to withdraw money, transfer money, or make purchases. Alert E-mails will reach you in case of refund of overseas withdrawals, or cancelation of purchases in global (except J-Debit) by using GLOBAL PASS.
  • Alert E-mails will not be sent if you enter a wrong PIN when shopping or using an overseas ATM with GLOBAL PASS.
  • There may be occasions when alerts are delayed or do not arrive due to the fault of the provider or for some other reason. SMBC Trust Bank does not guarantee the arrival of alerts or the information in them. SMBC Trust Bank bears no responsibility for losses incurred directly or indirectly by customers because an alert is delayed or does not reach the customers or the information in it is incorrect or incomplete or due to the content of an alert notice.
  • Alerts will not be resent for any reason.
  • SMBC Trust Bank provides the information as a service for the increased convenience of our customers. Alerts are not transaction records of customer accounts.
Cautions about PRESTIA Insight
  • PRESTIA Insight is a unique service of SMBC Trust Bank that delivers concise and timely financial information interpreted from a global perspective. Here is a sample.
  • PRESTIA Insight is only provided in Japanese.
  • Depending on the status of your account, you may be denied the opportunity to register for, or to receive E-mails from, PRESTIA Insight. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • Depending on the status of your account, SMBC Trust Bank may exercise its discretion to cancel your registration for the PRESTIA Insight service. Your understanding is appreciated.