View Your Account Information

You can check the following information about your account.

  • Your name
  • *The Japanese site can display your name up to 20 katakana characters in length, while the English site can display up to 70 letters in the Roman alphabet.
  • The account number and balance of your Yen Savings Account used for your User ID Registration
  • Your branch name and branch code
  • *The English site will display the branch code only.
  • You will be directed to the Balance Summary page by pressing "View Balance Summary" button.

View Your E-mail Registration

You can check the E-mail addresses registered for the following E-mail notification services.

  • E-mail address for PRESTIA Alert Service / PRESTIA Insight
  • E-mail address for Service and Campaign

View online banking Menu List

You can check the list of transactions and procedures available on online banking.
You will be directed to the page of each service by pressing the service name.


View Foreign Exchange Rates

You can check the foreign exchange rates.

  • *In principle, the exchange rate based on the prevailing market rate, which includes foreign exchange commissions (hereinafter referred to as "Market Rate"), is displayed. The publicly-announced rate (hereinafter referred to as "Counter Rate"), which also includes foreign exchange commissions, is displayed on weekends and holidays or when Market Rate is not available.
  • *Counter Rate, including foreign exchange commission to Counter Rate (TTM), is displayed for CNY, SEK, DKK and MXN, and rates in those currencies are not displayed on weekday nights and Japanese holidays. For more details, please press here.
  • *SMBC Trust Bank handles Chinese Yuan offshore only and uses 'CNY' to denote RMB (Renminbi) funded in the offshore market, based on the currency code used on the global settlement system.