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  • 1.Balance for the following accounts will be shown.
  • Yen Savings Deposits
  • Yen Time Deposits
  • Foreign Currency Savings Deposits
  • Foreign Currency Time Deposits
  • Premium Deposit (Structured Deposit)
  • Mutual Funds
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  • Yen Checking
  • Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance
  • 2.Please press "Details" button to view details of each account.
  • *1Balances of PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit are displayed for "Loans". Please refer to the Statement*2 for other outstanding loan balances than PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit (such as Housing loans).
      *2 Navigation Menu: Accounts > Statement/Torihikizandaka-hokokusho
  • Balances of certain products may not be displayed. Please also note that transactions of some products may not be made via online banking.


Service Hours 0:00-24:00
  • *Excluding maintenance hours
Mutual Funds
  • The current value is updated after 5:00 a.m. on the following business day based on information (delivery day basis) as of night of the previous business day.
    * The sum calculated to Yen using the TTB rate of 7 p.m. on the previous business day.
  • When buying a mutual fund, the amount will be deducted immediately from your source account, and reflect to your mutual fund balance after the delivery day. For selling a mutual fund, reflection to your savings account is also after the delivery day.