Total English Banking Services at PRESTA PRESTA has many foreign customers ...why?

English Support

We support you
through various channels:
focusing on comfortable, safe, and secure
banking by
accepting transactions through
these multiple channels.

  1. Online Banking

    Your 24/365 closest SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA branch whenever you need it.

  2. Phone Banking

    You can call us wherever you are.

  3. Global Branch

    Flagship branches for English speaking customers.

GLOBAL PASS®(Multi Currencies Visa Debit with Cash Card)

GPcardBimg, ANACardBimg

GLOBAL PASS is a cash card with Visa debit service that can be paid in 17 foreign currencies and Japanese yen for shopping and cash withdrawals. Whether you are in Japan or overseas, you can fully use this card.

GLOBAL PASS 4 Key Features

  1. point

    Easy and Secure shopping with tap to pay.

  2. point

    Use in over 200 countries and regions around the world.

  3. point

    With GLOBAL PASS, you can pay or withdraw directly from your foreign currency deposit in 17 currencies.

    currency image
  4. point

    You can apply for up to
    two family cards.

Convenient access
to ATMs

You can use various ATMs
with your Cash Card - GLOBAL PASS

SMBC 三井住友銀行, PRESTIA SMBC 三井住友銀行 ATM
Deposit / Withdrawals
Always FREE
Domestic transfer (Residential status only)
¥0 - ¥330
(including tax)
セブン銀行, ゆうちょ銀行
Deposit / Withdrawals
BANCS, 全国カードサービス, コンビニATM E-net
Withdrawals only
¥0 - ¥330
(including tax)

Housing loan

English Speaking Mortgage Experts will support you to make it yours.

PRESTIA Housing Loan
Way to your
dream home

Housing loan features
currency image

Borrow up to
million yen

currency image

for credit guarantee fees or surety fees

No special

for non-Japanese

PRESTIA's Loan Products Check on video

Special status to enrich
our customers' lives


PRESTIA GOLD is a special status who maintain a Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance equivalent to 10 million yen or more along with a Total Average Monthly Wealth Management Balance equivalent to 3 million yen or more.

Customers' voices

  • Comprehensive
    English support

    "Efficient and helpful service, and explanation of account was easy to understand."
    "Amazing service — smooth, friendly and efficient. A banking pleasure."

  • Online Banking

    "Good customer service. Functional online platform."
    "Good online service, and cash card is accepted everywhere and easy to use."

  • PRESTIA Phone Banking / Global Branches

    "Staff was very professional and explained everything concisely in fluent English."
    "Good English speaking staff, always successful in solving problems and attentive to customers."

  • Housing Loan

    "Very happy with the entire team that handled mortgage even for a foreigner without permanent residence."


    "PRESTIA Gold account is highly recommended for the ease of both domestic and overseas transfers."

Comments by 2018 customers' voices

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