Simple & Convenient GLOBAL PASS ® Simple & Convenient GLOBAL PASS ®

The Visa debit card with English support.

Foreign Currency Deposit Balance In Japan No.1* Foreign Currency Deposit Balance In Japan No.1*
Join users from 174 countries around the world* * As of April, 2023.
GPcardBimg ANACardBimg GPcardBimg ANACardBimg

* Personal foreign currency deposit balance (as of end of March 2023) based on our research.
Source: Each bank's IR materials (published basis)


Frustrated by trying to apply for a credit card in Japan?

GLOBAL PASS is the solution.

GLOBAL PASS is a Visa debit card issued by SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA.

  1. 1 Unlike a credit card, no credit score is required when you apply.
  2. 2 You can only spend the amount in your balance, which helps avoid overspending / interest (spending limits can be set).
  3. 3 To get your GLOBAL PASS, all you have to do is open a bank account.

Use in Japan

Shop using Visa or iD (including for online purchases)

The amount is debited
immediately from your account.

Yen Savings Account currency image

The max shopping
limit is up to
10M yen per month!

Tap to pay wherever
you see the following logos.

visa logo, iD logo

* The "iD" logo is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC.

Use in Japan

FREE withdrawals / deposits at
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation ATMs

Cash is withdrawn from
your Yen Savings Account.

Yen Savings Account currency image

Free withdrawals / deposits
at the following ATMs.

SMBC 三井住友銀行, PRESTIA SMBC 三井住友銀行 ATM

Find an ATM

Affiliated ATMs

Feature 1

The following services are all provided
in English

  • Card usage history online

  • Online banking

  • SMBC Trust Bank App

  • Friendly staff assistance
    (phone / in branch)

Feature 2

Seventeen applicable currencies can be deposited and used for shopping overseas (including online)

flag image
  1. currency image 1

    Deposit / transfer your foreign currency into your account.

  2. 2

    Shop overseas in a foreign currency with your GLOBAL PASS.

  3. currency image 3

    Get cashback or
    ANA miles!

    More details


Support & Protection

Exclusive offer

GLOBAL PASS Start Program

  • Meet the conditions of shopping within 3 months, including the contract month.

  • $50 currency image

    Receive a cash award of
    up to 50 USD!

    More details



What is SMBC Trust Bank?


We are one of the core subsidiaries of SMFG Group (Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.), which is the second largest banking institution by total assets and market capitalization in Japan*.

*Consolidated Financial Results for the three months ended March 31, 2023., Market capitalization ranking of banking institutions as of June 20, 2023.


Are there any fees?


Yes. SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA automatically withdraws a monthly account maintenance fee of 2,200 yen (including tax) from your account on the second business day of each month.
However, this fee is waived if any one of the conditions below is met:

  • If your Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance in foreign currency for the previous month* is equivalent to 200,000 yen or more.
  • If your Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance for the previous month* is equivalent to 500,000 yen or more.
  • If you have a loan balance as of the end of the previous month* (except for PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit).
  • If you have a PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit loan balance as of the time designated by SMBC Trust Bank on the final business day of the previous month*.
  • If, as of the 25th of the previous month* (or if the 25th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the previous business day), you are an SMBC Trust Bank's allied credit card holder.
  • If you have applied for Foreign Currency Deposit Service and deposited certain times after the month of the initial withdrawal.

* If the previous month is the month you opened your account, or the month after you opened your account, there is no fee, regardless of the above conditions.

What is the Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance?

About the Monthly Account Maintenance Fee

"Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance" is the sum of the average monthly balances of each product in your SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA accounts. Your Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance is written in your bank statement.

Service Fee List


What’s the difference between the two card types?


Each card has a cashback bonus or ANA mile benefits according to your choice (there is no difference in the card functions).

  • GPcardBimg


    A cashback bonus of 0.25%−1.5% of the amount spent at Visa merchants overseas will be credited in Japanese yen*.

    *ATM usage is not eligible.

  • ANACardBimg


    You can earn 300 ANA miles by opening an account, earn more ANA miles by withdrawing from overseas ATMs or by shopping overseas, etc.

    More details

*Ineligible Transactions: Visa debit use of Account Funding Transaction and Original Credit Transaction.


Are there any special benefits that come with opening an account?


Yes. We highly recommend opening an account online for these additional benefits.

Three benefits of opening an account online


(Including tax)

  1. 1
    ATM service fees at affiliated institutions in Japan

    <Acceptable ATMs>

    Seven Bank, Japan Postal Bank


    E-net, All Japan Card Service, BANKS

    Withdrawals only

    up to 100 times / month

    (Normally ¥110 – ¥330 / transaction)

  2. 2
    Domestic fund transfers to other banks in yen
    via online banking

    ¥165 / transfer (37% OFF)
    up to 15 times / day

    (Normally ¥264 / transfer)

  3. 3
    Overseas ATM owner fees

    <Acceptable ATMs>

    visa logo, PLUS

    up to 100 times / month*2

Offer period

Until the end of the 6th month including the account opening month.

  1. *1At Seven Bank and Japan Postal Bank ATMs, the fee becomes free. At other affiliated domestic ATMs, including "E-net" ATMs run or connected by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, the fee will be reimbursed. In the case of reimbursement, a balance of 5,000 yen or more is required in the Yen Savings Account from which the withdrawal will be made.
  2. *2The owners of ATMs may charge an additional fee separately. However if you meet all of the conditions below, the fee will be reimbursed.
    1. 1If the transaction was made from Yen Savings Account, the balance over 5,000 yen is necessary in the same account.
    2. 2If the transaction was made from PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Savings Account, the balance equivalent to 5,000 yen or more in withdrawn currency is necessary in the account.

    Reimbursement will be made up to 100 times for each account 1 and 2.

    The conversion to yen will be calculated using the TTB rate specified by SMBC Trust Bank as of the date of reimbursement.


  • An account opening month refers to the month in which your account was opened. Please note if you put in an application for account opening at the end of a month, your account opening month may become the following month. Please ask about your account opening date after it is opened.
  • This offer is not applicable to users of the special program for partner companies. Please contact us for details.
  • Please note that this offer may be discontinued or changed (including its content or duration) at any time without prior notice.

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The three benefits of opening
an account online

Products and services featured here may not be purchasable or provided to customers for various reasons as
determined by SMBC Trust Bank. We kindly ask for your understanding in advance.