Various services

Family Card

You can apply for up to two cards. Functions and services are the same with your main card.

  • A fee will be charged per issuance. Family cards will be issued for only family members who is 16 years (or high school students) or older. Switching over from a current supplementary card is free of charge.
  • You will be able to get application form at a branch or by phone

PRESTIA Alert Services

Regardless of whether you are in Japan or abroad, you will receive a notification e-mail every time a withdrawal, transfer or purchase is made. If you are notified of any transactions you do not remember or an incorrect PIN entry attempt, please immediately contact PRESTIA Phone Banking and give instructions to block your card. With this way, you will be able to limit any damage from unauthorized use of your card.

  • Can be registered/changed through PRESTIA Online. Please refer here for details.
  • You will not be notified of incorrect PIN entry attempts when using your card overseas for shopping or at ATMs.

Compensation for fraud

As stipulated in terms and conditions, unauthorized use of GLOBAL PASS by a third party due to forgery, theft, etc. will be compensated retroactively for up to 5 million yen per year for damages incurred from 60 days before the date on which SMBC Trust Bank is notified onwards.

  • We may be unable to compensate any damages incurred due the customer's own intent or negligence. Please refer to GLOBAL PASS terms and conditions.

Shopping Protection Insurance (Floater Insurance)

Damages or theft of the products purchased with GLOBAL PASS will be compensated.

  • Only covers overseas use (including online shopping at overseas websites).
  • The prescribed deductible will be applied at each request.
  • Some products and damages are not covered.

Using your card safely

There have been cases where third parties falsify, steal your cards or commit identity fraud to withdraw funds or purchase products illicitly. It is advisable to always be careful, and learn about security services and other steps to take to prevent such cases.

  • Handling precautions for your PIN

Do not let others know your PIN. Do not write your PIN on your cash cards or in a notebook

Domestic Cash Card PIN
Never use a PIN that can be easily guessed by a third party. If you are using a PIN based on any of the following or similar numbers, please change it immediately.
  • Numbers related to your birthday
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your car's license plate
  • Simple number combinations
Debit PIN
You will not be able to change your debit card PIN. The change of Debit PIN requires re-issuance of the card itself.
Your card will need to be reissued if you would like to change the Debit PIN once you have set it, you forget the Debit PIN or repeatedly input the incorrect Debit PIN.
The reissuance fee is required per issue.
  • Check that no suspicious transactions are shown on your Bank Statement or Usage Statement

Make sure to go through your Bank Statements and Usage Statements, and contact PRESTIA Phone Banking if you find any suspicious transactions. You can view your Bank Statements on online banking and your Usage Statements on the Member's Website.

  • Fraud Alert

There have been incidents where fake bank employees or police officers trick customers into handing over your banking cards and/or telling your account PIN numbers. Please note that bank employees, etc. never request customers to hand over your cash cards outside of bank branches or ask for your account PIN numbers.

Call the number below if you have any concerns.
PRESTIA Phone Banking (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
From Overseas
(charges apply) 81-46-401-2100
  • Security measures
  • ! Setting a transaction limit

This service allows to set the card transaction limits in 10,000 yen units for ATM withdrawals, shopping, etc. You can minimize possible damage by setting the transaction limit low.

  • ! Visa Secure (former name:Verified by Visa) and its password

Register in advance with Visa Secure (former name:Verified by Visa) in order to make your online shopping safe, smooth, and secure. The password for Visa Secure (former name:Verified by Visa) is the same password which is required to login to the GLOBAL PASS Member's Website.

  • Once you have registered for Visa Secure (former name:Verified by Visa), you will not be able to unregister at your discretion.

You can apply on online banking easily.

For switching from a current banking card, please register online banking beforehand.
Register Now

For switching from a current banking card, please register online banking beforehand.
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FAQ on how to switch Banking Card to GLOBAL PASS

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