Case study: Pay attention to PIN and password management

Avoid using easily guessed numbers like your birthday, and don't write your PIN on your cash card or store a note with your PIN on it in the same place as your cash card. You should also avoid keeping a list of passwords on your computer, as they can be vulnerable to spyware or viruses.

I noticed that I had lost my wallet, so I quickly contacted the bank. I learned that someone had already withdrawn some money. A look at the details showed that they had been able to make the withdrawal without making any PIN entry errors. I had set my PIN to a number that was difficult to guess, but I had it written down on a note along with other passwords in my wallet, and that must have been how they were able to do it.

How to Take Countermeasures (Precautions)

POINT 1Be cautious of PIN management
  1. Never give your PIN number to anyone else. Police officers and bankers will never ask for your PIN.
  2. When operating an ATM, make sure that there are no suspicious persons around and that no suspicious objects are attached to the insertion slot.
  3. Check that there are no suspicious persons around you with the anti-peep mirrors attached to ATMs, and cover your hands with a bag, etc.
  4. Do not keep (store) a note of your PIN or a document that allows you to guess your PIN together with your cash card.
  5. Do not save IDs and passwords on computers, etc.
POINT 2Be careful not to give your cash card or PIN to others
  1. Do not use passwords that can be easily guessed by others, such as your date of birth, phone number, street address, or car license plate number. It is also dangerous to use your PIN in other places and purposes.
  2. Be careful not to hand over unused cash cards to third parties. If you have an old cash card with the same name, cut it off so that it cannot be used by others and discard it.
  3. Regularly check the whereabouts of the cash card.
POINT 3Do not give cash cards to family members or acquaintances (Use the family card for family member usage)

For your security

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What to do if you have revealed your personal information!

Please contact us immediately in the following cases. As per your request, we promptly change PIN, suspend the card or reissue the card.
  • Personal information such as account number, personal identification number (Domestic Cash Card PIN, Debit PIN, T-PIN) or 16-digit GLOBAL PASS card number is stolen.
  • Had your card lost or stolen.
  • Noticed an unfamiliar transaction by receiving a PRESTIA Alert Service E-mail or checking your account activities.

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