GLOBAL PASS® expiration date

Your GLOBAL PASS is valid for five years. When the expiration date approaches, the bank will automatically send you a replacement card with a new expiration date. You may not receive a replacement card if your registered address is changed or one of your cards is suspended. Please make sure to read the instructions for use beforehand.

01How to check expiration date (Until when can I use my card?)

Expiration dates appear in a two-digit month/year format on the front of a card at the lower right under the card number.


Until when can I use my card?

Both the main card and family cards will be inactivated as follows:

<GLOBAL PASS expiration date>

Domestic ATMs In the middle of the expiration month printed on the card.
Shopping with J-Debit
Shopping with Visa/iD The end of the expiration month printed on the card.
Overseas ATMs

02When and how a replacement card is sent

A replacement card is sent automatically to your registered address two months prior to the expiration date (usually arriving at the beginning of a month). (Family cards are sent together with the main card.)

Please check here for details on the shipment method.

(Ex.) For a card that expires in November 2024, a replacement card is sent at the beginning of September 2024.

03When your registered address is changed / one of your cards is suspended

Please complete the procedures at least three months prior to the expiration date.

(Ex.) For a card that expires in November 2024, please complete the procedures by the end of August 2024.

When your registered address is changed due to relocation and other reasons

Please notify us of your change of address.

A replacement card is sent to your registered address as "no-forwarding-required" package. Accordingly, even if you register for a mail forwarding service at the post office, you will not be receiving a replacement card unless your registered address with the bank is changed to your new address.

<How to check your registered address>

When one of your cards, including a family card, is suspended

If you have notified the bank that your card was stolen, lost or falsified and that card remains suspended, you need to perform reissuance procedures to have the card reissued.

If a suspended card reaches its expiration date, the card will not be automatically renewed. To use the card again, you must apply for GLOBAL PASS again.

<When one of your cards was not automatically renewed>

043 steps to follow once you receive a replacement card


Sign the back of the card

Please make sure that your name appears on the front of the card and then sign the card in the signature space on the back.


Update your card information for services for payment / withdrawal

If you use GLOBAL PASS to pay for purchases on online shopping sites and other services on a continuing basis, you need to register your card information again when paying.


Dispose of the old card

After confirming that the replacement card is active, please cut up and dispose of the old card.

  • *The following items remain the same even after a replacement card is issued;
    • Domestic cash card PIN and debit PIN
    • Transaction limit
    • User ID and password for GLOBAL PASS Member's Website

When receiving a replacement card overseas

Your card will be sent in a blocked status for security reasons. Please follow the procedures below to activate the card, depending on your card usage.

  • Overseas ATMs and shopping at Visa / iD merchants
    Sign on to GLOBAL PASS Member's Website > Manage Services > Change Card Status
    then activate your card.
  • ATMs in Japan and shopping with J-Debit
    Please have your card and T-PIN ready and call PRESTIA Phone Banking from an account holder or visit our branch after you return to Japan.

05FAQs about receiving a card

QI want to receive a replacement card early because I am planning to relocate (or for other reasons).

Please apply for GLOBAL PASS reissuance three to six months prior to the month of your current GLOBAL PASS expiry date via Internet Banking "Other Services Request".

  • *You need a mobile device that can receive SMS under contract with a domestic mobile carrier.

Online Banking "Other Services"
For details about the procedure, please see Help "Other Services"

QI was not at home and failed to receive a replacement card.

Please first contact the delivery company before the package storage period on the delivery notice expires. Once the package storage period expires, the package containing a replacement card will be sent back to the bank. The bank will once again send the replacement card to the same address in about one week after it receives the returned package.

Q My GLOBAL PASS has past its expiration date, but I haven't received a replacement card yet.

If you have not received a replacement card by the expiration date of the old card, it could be because of one of the following reasons.

  • The post office package retention period expired.
  • Your registered address is different from your current address.
  • One of your cards is suspended, and therefore replacement cards have not been issued.

Please call PRESTIA Phone Banking to ask about shipment status.

Contact Us

  • PRESTIA Phone Banking

Within Japan/Automated Voice Guidance Service

If the above phone number is not available.
046-401-2100(charges apply)

From overseas/Automated Voice Guidance Service
81-46-401-2100(charges apply)