Brief Description of Product

Create your own financial portfolio from 17 different foreign currencies and a wide variety of time periods to meet your investment needs.
For time deposits with a tenor of 1 year or more, "Monthly Interest Payment Type (Monthly Smile)" is available as an interest payment option. If you select this option, interest will be paid monthly at the end of the month and credited either in the deposited foreign currency or Yen, based on your choice at the time of making the deposit. (Conversion rate to Yen includes the foreign exchange commission.)

Cancellation before maturity
Cancellation of "Foreign Currency Time Deposit" is not allowed before maturity, including those that have rolled over automatically, except that SMBC Trust Bank determines cancellation is unavoidable. In the event that cancellation is determined unavoidable, depositor may be required to pay settlement fee due to changes in financial circumstances, etc.
Applicable currencies
USD, AUD, NZD, GBP, CAD, CHF, EUR, SGD, HKD, CNY*, THB, ZAR, TRY, MXN, NOK, SEK DKK (Please note that there are cases where some currencies may not be offered due to the country's regulations and / or market conditions.)
SMBC Trust Bank may determine that some currencies are not available for "Monthly Interest Payment Type (Monthly Smile)".
*SMBC Trust Bank handles Chinese Yuan offshore only and uses ‘CNY’ to denote RMB(Renminbi) funded in the offshore market, based on the currency code used on the global settlement system, while onshore RMB circulates on Mainland China.
Term availability
1 week, 2 weeks, 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 24, 36 and 60 months; and other terms determined by SMBC Trust Bank. The available term(s) for each currency will be determined by SMBC Trust Bank.
Automatic renewal
Available for Time Deposits up to 1 year term. For "Monthly Interest Payment Type (Monthly Smile)", it is available for deposits with 1 year term only.
When SMBC Trust Bank receives instructions before maturity for automatic renewal, the matured deposit will be renewed as a time deposit of the same term and in the same currency. SMBC Trust Bank, however, may determine that automatic renewal is not applicable for some term(s).
Deposit amount
The minimum amount required is 100,000 Yen equivalent. (When using Yen funds to start with, the minimum deposit amount required is 100,000 Yen.)
Unless SMBC Trust Bank receives instructions for automatic renewal, the principal and interest shall be paid together at maturity into PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Deposit in the deposit currency, and can be withdrawn from the maturity date. When "Monthly Interest Payment Type (Monthly Smile)" is selected as interest payment option, the principal shall be paid in a lump sum into PRESTIA MultiMoney Savings Deposit in the deposit currency. The maturity amount can be withdrawn from the maturity date.
Interest - Applicable rates

The interest rate applied from the date of deposit will be the one offered at the point of making the deposit. In the case of auto-renewal, the interest rate for the same Foreign Currency Time Deposit term and the currency on offer on each maturity date shall apply. When auto-renewal does not apply, The deposit interest rate of the account to which the maturity funds are credited will apply on and after the maturity day.

Interest rates may change according to market conditions and are subject to change without notice any time. For the latest rates, please inquire at our branches or PRESTIA Phone Banking.
Interest payment method

Interest is paid in a lump sum at maturity.

When selecting "Monthly Interest Payment Type (Monthly Smile)" as interest payment option

The last business day of each month during the period from the deposit date to the maturity date shall be the Interim Interest Payment Date, on which the interest (calculated by contracted rate) due each month is paid.
However, funds can only be withdrawn from the following business day thereafter.
Interim interest shall be credited to your account either in Yen or in the same currency of deposit, as designated by the depositor on the date of deposit. If the interest payment currency is Yen, SMBC Trust Bank shall convert the interim interest due at the posted TTB rate (including the foreign exchange commission) prevailing on the Interim Interest Payment Date. The currency designated for interest payments cannot be changed. The last interest payment can be withdrawn from the maturity date.
The deposit interest rate of the account to which the interest is credited will apply on and after the interest payment day.

Transaction Channels and Contact Number
Branches of SMBC Trust Bank Ltd.(belonging to PRESTIA) that are set up to handle said transactions. Certain transactions may not be available via online banking and PRESTIA Phone Banking. For details, please inquire at our branches or via PRESTIA Phone Banking (Domestic (toll-free): 0120-110-330; From overseas (charges apply): 81-46-401-2100).

Please note

This product entails some risks such as loss of principal in Japanese yen. Please read "Information Memorandum and Pre-Contract Document" carefully and make sure you have full understanding of the product, associated risks, and commissions before making a transaction.

Please see here for the details of Risk of loss of principal, Commissions, Other considerations and available currencies, etc.

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