To apply for your bank account with us

  • The age 18 or above
  • Resident registration is in Japan
  • A foreign national should either A) have been staying in Japan for at least 6 months since entering Japan or B) be employed in Japan.
  • If you are a resident card holder, the date of expiration of "Period of Stay" on your residence card must be 3 months or later from the application date.

To apply for an account via Internet

  • You have a domestic SMS enabled mobile phone.
  • You have an e-mail address.
  • Jurisdiction of tax residence is either "only Japan" or "only Japan and the United States".
  • You DO NOT qualify as a foreign politically exposed persons (foreign PEPs).


  • If the address on ID is different from your actual address, you cannot apply.
  • US persons (US citizens or Green Card holders) will be asked to submit a separate form by postal mail and therefore may take longer than usual to open an account. Please see here for the details.
  • It takes a minimum of 10 business days from the receipt of your application to receive your account number information and Multi Currencies Visa Debit with Cash Card (GLOBAL PASS or ANA MILEAGE CLUB GLOBAL PASS). See here for the details.
  • "GLOBAL PASS" will be delivered by registered mail to the address stated on ID you submitted. It will NOT be forwarded to new address. Please note that if you do not receive it, we may consider that your did not apply to open an account. If you are planning on moving, open an account after you moved into a new place.
  • Once you open the account, a seal/signature registration may be required for transactions or services listed below. You will receive an e-mail instructing how to download and submit the SEAL/SIGNATURE CARD upon the completion of your account opening.

    Transactions and Services that Require a Seal/Signature Verification

    • Fund transfers exceeding 5 million yen or the equivalent (domestic and overseas)
    • Application for affiliated credit cards

    Or Any other transactions and services that the bank necessitates.

  • If you update your "Period of Stay (Date of Expiration)" after opening an account with us, please notify us in a timely manner. We will put restrictions on your cash card two months after the expiry of Period of Stay registered with us.
  • If you are a foreign national, we ask you to close the account before leaving Japan to return to your home or relocating to another country.

Products and services featured here may not be purchasable or able to be provided to customers for various reasons determined by SMBC Trust Bank. We kindly request your understanding in advance.