Information about how to register Overseas Remittance on PRESTIA Online?

eForm - Overseas Remittance Registration (Foreign Currency)

STEP 1Access registration page

  • *Cross border yen transfers can also be registered from the "eForm - Overseas Remittance Registration (Foreign Currency)" menu.

1 Help available below for each tab of PRESTIA Online.

STEP 2Input One Time Password


  • *To generate your One Time Password, you will need a Token.
  • *Customers who opened their account(s) on or after January 1, 2016, and have not notified My Number (Individual Number/ Corporate Number) , please note that overseas remittance registration by e-Form is not available. Also, please note that from January 1, 2022, all customers (residents) can not apply for overseas remittance registration by e-form if you have not notified your My Number (Individual Number/ Corporate Number).
  • *You may download "Overseas Remittance Registration/Deletion Application" Form from our web page and register Overseas Remittance via mail without using One Time Password.
  • *Online overseas remittances cannot be made in Chinese Yuan Offshore, Turkish Lira, Mexican Peso, Swedish Krona or Danish Krone. Please see here for any other limit.

STEP 3Confirm Notes


STEP 4Input Registration Details


STEP 5Review Registration Details

STEP 6Complete Registration


  • The regstration process takes about a week after the application via online banking has been submitted. Please see here for how to check "Registered Payee List (Overseas)".
  • Registration may be denied in some cases; i.e. no correspondence, transfers for the purpose of opening accounts, and transfers to accounts under U.S. sanction.

Please note that Japanese translation may be required when submitting the transaction page in English.
Please print the translation details "Japanese translation of overseas remittance information".

PDF for Printing