Important Notice : About Overseas Fund Transfer to and from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for banking with SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA.

Due to the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, various countries are sequentially adding economic sanctions and other restrictions against Russia and other countries. Please be aware of the following points regarding Overseas Fund Transfer with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

  • Currently, overseas transfer in any currency to Sberbank and Alfa-bank is suspended. This is applicable to all the transaction channels, such as Branch, PRESTIA Phone Banking, PRESTIA Online, PRESTIA Mobile and App.
  • Because of the tightened restrictions, overseas fund transfer to Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine may be delayed or refunded. In addition, there is a possibility of receiving an inquiry from the Intermediary banks regarding the purpose of the transaction and we may ask you to present the evidences related to the remittance. Depending on the future situation, we may not be able to accept the transaction itself.
  • Regarding incoming remittance from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, depositing to your account may be delayed and you may have an inquiry from the Intermediary banks about the purpose of the transaction. In addition, there is a possibility that incoming remittance from those countries may not be received in your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your understanding.