We work to improve products and services for customer experience with providing more value-added unique services to our customers and developing our business with customer. It is one of our corporate management philosophy. Customer feedback drives our efforts to develop better products and services and create unique value.

  • *"CX" is the abbreviation of "Customer experience". CX refers to the values that a customer receives from their experiences, not materialistic values of functions or performance of a product or a service, but psychological and emotional values they receive from it.

Business Operation of Customer Experience(CX)

We promote Customer-Oriented business and CX as a basic concept and criteria of judgement and measurement of all business. "The Promotion Committee of Customer-Oriented Business Conduct", a subcommittee of management meeting, is held to discuss and review for enhancement of the CX Business. According to "Basic Policy for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct" established by SMBC Group, we implemented "Policy of CX Strategy (CX Guidelines)" originally in SMBC Trust Bank to enhance the thoughts of CX in our business.

PDCA cycle Plan Develop action policies DO Implement customer-oriented business operation in each division and department Check Report the verification results and suggestions to the Promotion of Customer-Oriented Business Operation Committee and the Board of Directors Action Implement improvement activities

Utilizing "Voice of Customer" in management

Survey We implement customer survey in various way to know any assignments of our bank, branches, and staffs to develop better products and services and create unique value. Real Time Customer Feedback Customer Royalty survey Survey of financial products Analysis We classify and analyze the details and causes of occurrence of both complaints and praises from customers. Improvement/Consideration We established a system to reflect customer feedback to the quality improvement of our products and services. Internal Sharing/Training We share the voice of customer in our "Promotion Committee of Customer-Oriented Business Conduct" for our business promotion. Also, we conduct qualitative research and CX training for our employees.

Comments & Suggestions

Your comments & suggestions are important to help us improve our services and develop new products.


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