Ryuji Nishisaki

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your patronage.

SMBC Trust Bank, formerly Societe General Private Banking (Japan), and Citibank's retail banking business(Japan) now under the new "PRESTIA" brand, will celebrate 10th anniversary as a member of SMBC Group inOctober 2023.

On this occasion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your warm support and business.
FY2022 was the final year of the medium-term management plan (MTMP) that started in FY2020, and it was ayear of dramatic changes in the business environment with heightened geopolitical risks, changes in monetarypolicies by central banks around the world, and significant fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. In this environment,we positioned FY2022 as the "New Era of Growth" as our management goal, and have aimed to contributeto our customers and society, as well as to achieve sustainable growth, by providing comprehensive andadvanced solutions connecting three functions; "Foreign Currency, Real Estate, and Trust".

Specifically, we have expanded our foreign currency deposit program and strengthened solutions such asjointly managed money trust, and also focused on real estate business targeting green buildings and renewableenergy power generation facilities as part of our efforts to realize a sustainable society.
As a result of these efforts, both net business profit, which represents the income of our core business, and netincome increased significantly.

In FY2023, we have started a new MTMP to cover the period through FY2025.
We have further strengthened our existing initiatives and also set a new medium- to long-term vision, "To be a ‘Trust Bank’ growing together with customers and society as a solution provider of foreign currency, real estateand trust services".

Based on this vision, we have set our new MTMP slogan as "Create the ‘Next’", aiming to continue growth as a trustbank. By realizing this vision, we continue to address sustainable growth and further enhance our corporate value.

Ryuji Nishisaki
President & CEO

Ryuji Nishisaki