Ryuji Nishisaki

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support of SMBC Trust Bank.

SMBC Trust Bank started in October 2013 with predecessor bank Societe General Private Banking (Japan) brought into SMBC Group. In November 2015, we took a further step forward by integrating Citibank's retail banking business in Japan and launched a new brand "PRESTIA", under which we now offer a broad range of solutions as a trust bank, utilizing our three functions, namely, "foreign currency", "real estate" and "trusts".

Since FY2020, when our current three-year medium-term management plan started, social and economic activities have been extensively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to respond to the new behavioral and social structure changes, we have expanded our online channels, and refined our services and business model to be more customer-oriented through various initiatives, such as introducing joint management designated money trusts and securities agency business.

FY2022 is the final year of the medium-term management plan and we position this year as a "starting year of the growth stage" with the next medium-term management plan in the view.
We will realize sustainable growth and increase corporate value to become the first choice trust bank for customers by providing comprehensive and advanced services combining three functions of "foreign currency," "real estate," and "trust" so as to meet the expectation of diversified needs of customers and society.

While social issues such as climate changes brought by global warming and the progress of aging society have arisen in recent years, the expected responsibilities of financial institutions are becoming larger and larger. Since contribution to the achievement of sustainable society constitutes the core of corporate social values, we advance our own initiatives toward environment as well as community and next generation and pursue customer oriented business conduct, creating values that connect solutions for social issues with our management strategy.

We look forward to your continued support and business for years to come.

Ryuji Nishisaki
President & CEO

Ryuji Nishisaki