Kozo Ogino

I would like to express my appreciation for your support of SMBC Trust Bank.

SMBC Trust Bank started in October 2013 with predecessor bank Societe General Private Banking (Japan) brought into the SMBC Group. In November 2015, we took a further step forward by integrating Citibank’s retail banking business in Japan and launched a new brand “PRESTIA”, under which we now offer a broad range of solutions as a trust bank, utilizing our three functions: “foreign currency”, “real estate”, and “trusts”.

The period up to fiscal 2019 is defined as the “Transition Stage” and we have been working on the creation of a new corporate culture through the integration and the stable business promotion. Since April of this year, we have taken a step forward, moving to the “Growing Stage” that aims to provide holistic and advanced solution by connecting 3 functions, which are “foreign currency” “real estate” and “trusts” and to realize sustainable growth as a trust bank and contribute to reinforcement and development of SMBC Group. As a concrete measure, the new three-year Medium-Term Management Plan from fiscal year 2020 is placed and we pursue to improve profitability by executing new strategies and various initiatives, and further expand and strengthen our business base.

Having one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, Japan is entering into the era of 100-year life.Customers’ needs for management and succession of their total assets are to further grow, going forward. Our experienced professionals continue to strive to meet our customer’s varied demands with attentive support and tailor-made products and solutions, and aim to be the most reliable trust bank that contributes to society.

SMBC Trust Bank will thoroughly implement our “Customer First” business approach and develop various solutions that will lead to the SDGs, thereby contributing to build a sustainable society.
We look forward to your continued support and business for years to come.

Kozo Ogino
President & CEO

Kozo Ogino