SMBC Trust Bank has established the following Management Philosophy, as the universal approach in company management, and positions it as the foundation for all of our corporate activities.

Management Philosophy
  • We aim to be a company trusted by our stakeholders, by placing importance on sound company management based on the spirit of legal compliance.
  • We provide value-added unique services to our customers and evolve with them.
  • With due respect to diversity, we create a workplace that encourages employees to thoroughly use individual abilities as professionals while fully participating in teamwork built on reliability and responsibility.
  • We contribute to a sustainable society by addressing environmental and social issues.
  • To be a ‘Trust Bank’ growing together with our customers and society as a solution provider of "Foreign Currency, Real Estate, and Trust services"
Core Values "Passion" & "Excellence"
In addition to the SMBC Group's "Five Values," SMBC Trust Bank has set our own unique core values of "Passion" and "Excellence".
Each and every one of our officers and employees embodies the Five Values with "passion" and creates results that lead to "excellence." We have established these unique core values and are working to permeate them throughout our bank.
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