Securities Disposal Trusts

We have a wide range of asset disposal solutions that can assist our customers with asset administration or succession planning at various stages of their lifecycle. For example, if you or a member of your family owns a publicly-traded company, the shares of the company are an important component of your assets. When selling such shares, however, you should be aware that your transaction may be scrutinized for or arouse suspicion about a possible violation of insider trading or market manipulation regulations. To reduce these risks, we would advise you to use a securities disposal trust and let us sell such shares at our own discretion for you.

Truster Conclude a trust agreement, Submit a signed statement Put out the money to entrust Send reports Distribute the trust property (at termination) Give instructions to exercise voting rights Pay dividends SMBC TRUST BANK Buy/Sell order Delivery/Settlement Securities company Exercise voting rights Receive dividends Issuer

Real Estate Brokerage

SMBC Trust Bank can assist customers who wish to sell investment properties, business sites, commercial buildings and other types of real estate. Our highly experienced real estate specialists and professional administrative staff provide customers with comprehensive advisory services and support, including advice about real estate sales.

Trade Agreement Buyer intermediate SMBC TRUST BANK intermediate Seller