"We provide value-added unique services to our customers and evolve with them." - This is a vital part of our corporate management philosophy. To fully realize it, we are working to improve products and services for greater customer satisfaction. Customer feedback drives our efforts to develop better products and services and create unique value.

Voice of the Customer Comments Branches/Sales Offices* Sales Representatives Telephone Internet (Comment Submission Form) Data Collection and Analysis for Improvements Surveys Analysis Share info. and Study Seek Solutions Improvements on  Products & Services Increase convenience Educate/develop employees Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • *Branches are operated under the name "PRESTIA".

Our Commitment

To be our customers' first choice over the hundreds of alternatives by delivering unique value. - Embracing this commitment, we promote the Company's "Customer First" approach in all our dealings by acting on the core values, each beginning with one letter of our "PRESTIA" brand.

With the "Five Values" of SMBC Group at their foundation, the core values of SMBC Trust Bank are aimed at fostering a unique, vibrant, and productive corporate culture.

SMBC Group "Five Values" Team "SMBC Group" Integrity Customer First Proactive & Innovative Speed & Quality SMBC TB "Core Values" Passion Respect Excellence Synergy Trust Iconic Accountability

Customer Surveys

At SMBC Trust Bank we regularly conduct a variety of surveys* to get an accurate understanding of customer opinions and requests. We use the results to improve and develop the products and services.

  • * Mainly for PRESTIA branches and operations.
Type By Content
Customer Satisfaction Survey
(about branches and telephone service)
WEB We ask our customers' opinions and level of satisfaction about our staff's customer service, business processing, and specialized product knowledge.
Customer Satisfaction Survey
(about online banking)
WEB We ask our customers' opinions and level of satisfaction about online banking usability.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Mail Comprehensive survey of customer satisfaction with our bank, including our products and services with additional supplementary surveys(by mail or e-mail).
Branch Satisfaction Survey Mail We conduct surveys for each bank branch that cover customer satisfaction with our staff's customer service, ease of access, branch facilities, etc.

Comments & Suggestions

Your comments & suggestions are important to help us improve our services and develop new products.


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PRESTIA BranchesFind your nearest branch

You can contact SMBC Trust Bank through your nearby bank branch or by telephone, and you can also submit comments about the bank to the Japanese Bankers Association (JBA) Customer Relations Center.

For more details, please refer to Information on JBA Customer Relations Center