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Why take PRESTIA
Housing Loan?

Three points

point 1

English support

Full English Support

Our English Speaking Mortgage Experts will fully support you from consultation to loan disbursement.

  • *English translations are also provided for legal documents in Japanese.
No special add-fee for non-Japanese

Product features such as commissions and interest rates are exactly the same as Japanese.

Integrated English Guide

We can offer comprehensive English guide on general mortgage transactions in Japan, real estate environment etc.

Well-experienced Mortgage Expert assistance

We will comprehend each individual situation and offer dedicated support just for you.

point 2
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Borrow up to
million yen

Pursuit your ideal lifestyle Offering extensive limit of financeable amount
point 3
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¥ 0 fee

Credit guarantee fees or Surety fees
Group Life Insurance premiums
Partial early repayment fee*
  • *Free of charge only by phone (reduced period type only)

Your Interest Rate Option

Compare our latest interest rate plans, and find the right deal for you

Reduce interest rate

Recommend for those who expect minimal monthly pay in long-term

Floating rate
(1 year renewal)
A Plan

  • *Administrative fees
    2.2% of total loan amount
    (including tax)


% p.a. -

administrative fees

Recommend for those who expect to pay off debt by constant early repayment

Floating rate
(1 year renewal)
B Plan

  • *Administrative fees
    22,000 yen
    (including tax)


% p.a. -

risk of
interest rate rise

Recommend for those who want to take proactive plan for stable repayment

Fixed rate
(10 years fixed)

  • *Administrative fees
    22,000 yen
    (including tax)


% p.a. -

(As of , )

5 Steps for Housing Loan

Check our steps for your dream home
PRESTIA English Speaking Professionals will support you on each phase

  1. Step


  2. Step


  3. Step

    Appraisal &
    Credit Review

  4. Step


  5. Step


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Housing Loan Simulation

This mortgage calculator estimates and shows the repayment amount,
borrowable amount, or saving amount by refinancing.

  • Customer

    PRESTIA's housing loan is highly rated by foreign customers.
    Our products are designed to provide convenience while offering competitive rates and reliable service.

  • Age:40s
    Great professionalism and responsiveness.
    Really felt the help to get the loan successfully from the team.
    Excellent English support and consistent follow up.

  • Age:30s
    The service fit my needs.
    This service is definitely good enough to refer to friends.

  • Age:40s
    Very uncomplicated procedure.
    Did feel welcome as a foreigner, very different from any other bank.

Period: 5th February 2021 to 4th March 2021
Method: Online survey
Targeting: PRESTIA's housing loan borrowers from April 2019 to December 2020

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  • Any requirements for recently transferred from overseas?
  • About additional income receiving in overseas
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