Base interest rate × 10% add-on

When depositing Premium Deposit (Deposit in Yen) and selecting USD or AUD as counter currency, add-on interest rates will be applied regardless of the transaction channel.

For Example, If the base interest rate is 4.000% (pre-tax annual interest rate)

(pre-tax annual interest rate)

Counter currency: USD or AUD

4.000 + 4.000 × 0.1 =
(pre-tax annual interest rate)

  • *This program cannot be combined with online banking limited add-on interest rate (Base interest rate x 5%) or campaigns for add-on interest rate, etc.
  • *In principle, interest is subject to a 20.315% withholding tax (National tax 15.315% and Local tax 5%) for individual customers. Comprehensive income taxation applies to corporate customers. The tax rate etc. may change in the future due to reasons such as the revision of tax laws.

Making transactions at online banking

What is the Premium Deposit (Deposit in Yen) ?

The Premium Deposit (Deposit in Yen) is a structured deposit with which your principal in Yen is converted into your selected foreign currency (counter currency) at your preset Strike Price if the foreign exchange rate indicates Yen appreciation equal to or beyond your Strike Price on the maturity date. Your earned interest will be credited to your account in Yen.

< Recommended for those who think as the followings >

currency image

I want to buy a foreign currency at stronger Yen levels.


I wish to make effective use of my available funds while waiting for the Yen to strengthen.

I want to invest in a short deposit period.

Making transactions at online banking

Please note

This product entails some risks such as loss of principal in the original deposit currency and/or Japanese yen. Please read the "Information Memorandum and Pre-Contract Document" carefully, and make sure you fully understand the product before making the transaction.

Please see here for the details of Risk of loss of principal, Commissions, Other considerations and available currencies, etc.

For Transactions

InternetOnline banking

InternetOnline banking

  • *Connecting to transaction menu from above.
    Navigation Menu: Investment & Reports > Premium Deposit (Structured Deposits)


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