When you make a USD Foreign Currency Deposit from Japanese yen via online banking*1,
Free of foreign exchange commission.

*1 PRESTIA Online / PRESTIA Mobile / SMBC Trust Bank App

Exchange commission from Japanese yen to USD (per USD) via online banking


Regular customers
1 yen
0.5 yen
0.3 yen

During the offer


USD Foreign Currency Deposit Transaction from Japanese yen via Internet

Online banking Online banking

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Offer Details

Benefits Free foreign exchange commission when depositing into USD Foreign Currency Savings Deposit from Yen funds.
Period June 12, 2024(Wed) 0:00 - June 21, 2024(Fri) 23:59
Eligible Customer An individual customer who has an account with SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA
Offer Conditions Deposit into USD Foreign Currency Savings Deposit by converting yen-denominated funds to the foreign currency.
Eligible Currencies USD
Minimum Transaction Amount JPY1,000 per transaction
  • *Up to 50 million yen per transaction
Ineligible Transactions
  • Time Deposit, Step up Time Deposit, Order Watch and Cross Currency Transactions
  • Transaction at our branch, PRESTIA Phone Banking and IVR (Automated Voice Guidance)
Transaction Channels
  • PRESTIA Online
  • PRESTIA Mobile
  • SMBC Trust Bank App
June 21, 2024(Fri) 23:59

Related information

Please note : Read the following guidelines before you join the offer.

Customers performing foreign currency deposit transactions for the first time (including receiving the funds in foreign currency by fund transfer) will be required to conclude a PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Deposit Contract. The application process will take a few business days, so please apply well in advance at branches, via online banking, or by mail.

Notes about this offer

  • We are only offering the option to deposit JPY1,000 or more into Foreign Currency Savings Deposit in USD by converting yen-denominated funds to the foreign currency via online banking during the offer period. We are not accepting applications for purchases at our branch, PRESTIA Phone Banking and IVR (Automated Voice Guidance).
  • Please note that cancellations are not acceptable after transactions have been completed.
  • In order to receive the stated benefits, transactions must be completed by the deadlines. The process may take a while. Please plan your transaction well in advance.
  • Please note that this offer may be discontinued or changed at any time without prior notice. Also note that similar offer may be held after this one has ended.

Notes about Foreign Currency Deposits

This product entails some risks such as loss of principal in Japanese yen. Please read "Information Memorandum and Pre-Contract Document" carefully and make sure you have full understanding of the product, associated risks, and commissions before making a transaction.
Please see here for the details of Risk of loss of principal, Commissions, Other considerations and available currencies, etc.