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FREE foreign exchange commission
from yen to foreign currency

FREE foreign exchange commission
when depositing more than 1,000,000 yen into an eligible foreign currency deposit
during the campaign period (normally up to 1 yen per foreign currency).

For Example,
If Depositing 50,000 US Dollars
From Yen Funds Into A Foreign Currency Deposit

Normally (one way) :
50,000 USD × 1 yen = 50,000 yen

During Campaign (one way) :
50,000 USD × 0 yen = 0yen

The normal 50,000 yen
foreign exchange commission becomes

* The normal foreign exchange commission (up to 1 yen per foreign currency) applies when converting the deposited foreign currency back to yen.

Foreign currency deposits entail some risks such as loss of principal in Japanese yen. For details, please refer to Notes about Foreign Currency Deposits.

For details of the campaign, please refer to "About Campaign".

About Campaign

Campaign Period
July 20, 2020 (Mon) to Dec 30, 2020 (Wed)
Eligible customers
Individual customers who have an account with SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA
Source Funds
Japanese Yen
Eligible Currencies
All foreign currencies available at PRESTIA
Eligible Product
Deposit yen funds into;
  • Foreign Currency Savings Deposit
  • Foreign Currency Time Deposit : All Terms Available at PRESTIA
Minimum Deposit Amount
per Transaction
Minimum 1,000,000 yen per transaction
* the maximum transaction limit is up to 50,000,000 yen per transaction
Ineligible Transactions
  • Step Up Time Deposit
  • Cross Currency Transactions
  • *This offer is limited to online transactions, not available at PRESTIA branches or PRESTIA phone banking.
Transaction Channels
December 30, 2020 (Wed) 23:59

About add-on interest rate

When depositing in a foreign currency time deposit, an additional interest rate may be applied depending on the deposit period.

Add-on interest rate as usual
The interest rate on ENJOY PLUS and ENJOY PLUS Gold will be applied depending on the term and currency. For more details, please refer to Foreign Currency Time Deposit interest Rates (Add-on Interest Rates).

For non-account holders

Open an account

Available 24h / 365d


Please make sure to read the following notes before making transactions.

Notes about this campaign

  • Note that this campaign may be discontinued or changed (including its content or duration) at any time without prior notice. Also note that similar campaigns may be held after this one has ended.
  • In order to receive the stated benefits, transactions must be completed by the deadline. The process may take a while. Please plan your transaction well in advance.
  • Please note that cancellations are not accepted after transactions have been completed, including Foreign Currency Time Deposits that have rolled over automatically, except that SMBC Trust Bank determines cancellation before the maturity date is unavoidable.

Notes about Foreign Currency Deposits

Please read the latest "Information Memorandum" before making transactions. This document is available at our branches, etc.
Please see here for the details of Risk of loss of principal, Commissions, Other considerations and available currencies, etc.

Notes about Add-on Interest Rate

  • In the case of depositing from yen funds, please make a foreign currency time deposit directly from your Yen Savings Account or PRESTIA Multi Money Yen Savings Account. Please note that benefits of this campaign are not applied if you transfer yen funds to your Foreign Currency Savings Account first.
  • ENJOY PLUS interest rates is for individual customers.
  • Add-on Interest Rate might be revised without notice due to changes in the market environment, among other reasons.
  • Add-on Interest Rate will be applied until the first maturity date. In the case of auto-renewal, the interest rate for the same Foreign Currency Time Deposit term and the currency on offer on each maturity date shall apply. When auto-renewal does not apply, the interest rate for the savings account of each currency will be applied after the maturity date.
  • Products and services including interest rates, fees, exchange rates, etc. featured here are available for SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA.
  • Products, services and campaigns etc. featured here may not be purchasable or able to be provided to customers for various reasons determined by SMBC Trust Bank. We kindly request your understanding in advance.
  • At SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA, we use profiling (a series of questions related to asset management) to understand the amount of risk you are able to accept. The answers received in profiling, and the risk acceptable to the customer, are expressed numerically as a "customer risk tolerance (risk score)". Please be aware that investment in a product is not possible if the customer risk score is below the product risk level.
  • SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA charges a monthly account maintenance fee of 2,000 yen (excluding tax) to your account on the second business day of each month. Please note, however, that no such fee will be charged for the month in question if your Total Average Monthly Relationship Balance of the previous month or other conditions satisfy specific requirements.

Company Name: SMBC Trust Bank Ltd.
As of July 20, 2020

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