Scheduled System Maintenance

Due to a scheduled system maintenace, some of our services are not available during the following time periods.

Service Termination Period:

Scheduled 8 times a year from 9:00pm on the second or third Sunday to 7:00am on the following Monday

<System Maintenance planned in 2021>
1) 9:00pm on Sunday, January 24 to 7:00am on Monday, January 25
2) 9:00pm on Sunday, February 21 to 7:00am on Monday, February 22
3) 9:00pm on Sunday, March 21 to 7:00am on Monday, March 22
4) 9:00pm on Sunday, May 16 to 7:00am on Monday, May 17
5) 9:00pm on Sunday, July 11 to 7:00am on Monday, July 12
6) 9:00pm on Sunday, August 15 to 7:00am on Monday, August 16
7) 9:00pm on Sunday, September 12 to 7:00am on Monday, September 13
8) 9:00pm on Sunday, November 14 to 7:00am on Monday, November 15

Impacted services:

  • PRESTIA Online
  • PRESTIA Mobile
  • PRESTIA Phone Banking
    (Only Lost/ stolen cash cards notifications and inquiries can be accepted)
  • Alert Service
    (Alert emails for withdrawals at overseas ATMs during the time period specified above will be sent out as service resumes)
  • Domestic ATM and a part of overseas ATM usage*2 with Cash Cards
Where to use Banking Card*1
(International Cash Card)
Domestic ATM Unavailable Unavailable
Overseas ATM Available*2 Available
Shopping with Visa or iD - Available
Shopping with J-Debit Unavailable Unavailable
  • *1Banking card for Yen Savings Account that has not been switched to GLOBAL PASS.
  • *2Your old banking card is still active for two months even after switching it to GLOBAL PASS. However, you are unable to use it during the maintenance.

Please note that system maintenance may occur on a day which is not stated above.