SMBC Trust Bank proudly supports the Japan Goalball National Team.

Ultimate Sport for the Senses

Goalball is a sport that requires attenuation of all human senses, with just one exception of course - that of vision. With all players equally unable to rely on any sense of vision whatsoever, players must use all their senses to build an accurate three dimensional special awareness in real-time. They do this by listening carefully for the ball, and any other hints such as the sound of their opponents' movements. They also learn to feel the vibrations of their opponents' movements through the floor of the court and are constantly referencing their own location through the tactile line markings, which enables skilled players to make exquisitely accurate shots on the very corners of a goal.

Goalball is a unique spectator experience also, as spectators are strictly prohibited from cheering or applauding during play in order to allow players to make best use of all their senses during play, particularly hearing. This means that complete silence is required until a goal is scored, when the stadium will erupts in noise. During play also, the players are constantly alternating between complete silences, as they focus the full attention of their senses on the movements of their opponent, and aggressive jumps and moves to block a hard fastball. The rhythms and extremes this creates is one of the sport's many attractions.

The Japanese national teams, with their unique playing style and techniques, are currently among the top teams in the world.

SMBC Trust Bank proudly supports goalball.

Japan GoalBall Association (Japanese only)