Concerning the Handling of Deposits for Customers Affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

April 18, 2016

To our customers,

We extend our deepest sympathy to all those who have been affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes.

SMBC Trust Bank Ltd. (President and CEO: Hidetoshi Furukawa) announced today that it has started handling the deposits of customers affected by the earthquakes as follows;

  1. [1]Deposits
    1. (1)In the case that customers have lost their personal seal or cash card, customers can still withdraw their deposits over the counter, provided they bring something that confirms their identity.
    2. (2)If affected customers wish, withdrawal of their time deposits before maturity can be made available, depending on the customers' circumstances.
    3. (3)If customers have loans for which repayments are due, extensions to the term of the loan, and other measures, can be made available for affected customers depending on the circumstances.
  2. [2]Customer contacts:
    • SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA Phone Banking (Domestic Calls 0120-110-330, International Calls 81-45-330-2880; calls accepted around the clock)
    • SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA branches and mini-branches

PRESTIA Business Unit
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