Regarding name changes of the company, products and services in relation with the business integration

November 2015

To our valued customers,

SMBC Trust Bank Ltd. has integrated Citibank Japan's retail banking business on November 1, 2015, and continues the business under the new brand 'PRESTIA'. With the transfer, some of the product and service names regarding the retail banking business have been changed. Even after the transfer, you can continue to enjoy former suite of products and services. You will be notified separately if any procedures are required on the part of the customer, or in the case that services cannot be provided as in the past, etc.

Please also note that the company name and product and service names mentioned in the bank's Terms and Conditions have been changed as necessary, and that the Terms and Conditions have been revised accordingly on the same date. We have informed you separately of Terms and Conditions that have changes other than names.

■ Major name changes

Comparison table of old and new name (PDF file 93.93KB)Link to PDF document

■ Major Terms and Conditions changes

Terms and Conditions

  • *Other than the Terms and Conditions you see from the above link, please note that there are excerpts of Terms and Conditions, etc. that feature revised names.

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