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Online banking on your smartphone with PRESTIA Mobile

Whether you're at home or out and about, PRESTIA Mobile allows active and busy customers to make transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
System Requirement: iOS 8.1 and higher, Android 4.4 and higher

You can sign on using your PRESTIA Online User ID and Password.
* No need to download any application.

PRESTIA Mobile is convenient in the following situations:

  • If you don't want to miss out your timing to buy and sell foreign currency, even when you are out and about
    You can smoothly make transactions on your smartphone when you want.Buy Foreign Currency Enter the amount PRESTIA MultiMoney FCY Savings
  • If you want the convenience of being able to make transfers or remittances while on the move
    You can transfer funds easily to preregistered payees.Transfers to Registered Payee - SMBC Trust Bank Enter the amount.
  • If you want to check exchange rates or interest rates no matter where you are
    You can quickly check exchange rates and interest rates whenever and wherever you like. And you can access the foreign currency transaction page right from the exchange rate page.Foreign Exchange Rates
  • If you want to always be on top of the status of your account
    You can check your account balances and transaction histories at any time using your smartphone.Account Details and Activities Details MultiMoncy Foreign Currency Savings

Menus available on PRESTIA Mobile

  • Account Information
  • Transfers Between Same Currencies
  • Transfers to Registered Payees - Domestic Transfers
  • Buy Foreign Currency
  • Sell Foreign Currency
  • Register/Change User ID/Password
  • Interest Rates/Foreign Exchange Rates

Customers who want to make other kinds of transactions, such as Foreign Currency Time Deposits, Mutual Funds, and Structured Deposits, can access PRESTIA Online.

For first time user, start today!

The User ID and Password you register for PRESTIA Online can also be used with PRESTIA Mobile. So even if this is your first time, registration is easy!

All you need is your Banking Card and Telephone Personal Identification Number (T-PIN). As long as you have an SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA's account, you can start transactions right away simply by registering for a user ID and password. Paper application form is not required.

How to register User ID and Password

  1. Step 1

    Access PRESTIA Mobile sign on page.
    Tap "User Registration".


    - You can also register from PRESTIA Online (Internet Banking on PC).

    How to register User ID and Password on PRESTIA Online

    User Id Password SignOn User Registration Forgot Password Forgot ID

  2. Step 2

    Enter your Yen Savings Account Number, Telephone Personal Identification Number (T-PIN), and Birth Date

    Enter your Yen Savings Account Number, Telephone Personal ID number (T-PIN) and Date of Birth (e.g.,19650423) on User Registration page.

    User Registration STEP1/3 Enter information in the required fields below to register your User ID and Password Yen Savings Account Number(last 7 digits of the number inscribed on your Banking Card) Telephone Personal ID Number(T-PIN)

  3. Step 3

    Terms and Conditions

    Please read and agree to the PRESTIA Mobile Transactions Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions can also be viewed on the SMBC Trust Bank Website.

    PRESTIA Mobile Terms and Conditions STEP2/3 I agree with the PRESTIA Mobile Terms & Conditions Click here to read PRESTIA Mobile Terms & Conditions

  4. Step 4

    Register your User ID and Password

    Register the desired User ID and Password. Use this User ID and Password from the next sign on.

    User Registration STEP3/3 Enter infomation below to register your User ID and Password. User Id Password

Signing On

  1. Step 1

    Access PRESTIA Mobile.


    You can sign on using your PRESTIA Online User ID and Password.

  2. Step 2

    Input your registered User ID and Password, then tap "Sign on".

    User Id Password SignOn

PRESTIA Online Helpdesk (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
Within Japan:
0120-41-0956 (toll free)
From overseas:
81-45-330-2888 (toll charges apply)